announces partnership with Pickle has published a release declaring its partnership with Pickle Finance. This will be a win-win situation for both the sides as both will acquire different benefits from it. announces partnership with Pickle

Decentralized aggregator built on Ethereum, has announced a partnership with another DeFi farming project Pickle Finance. The two have come together to build a project to reduce duplicate work, increase specialization, and to leverage shared expertise. The merge would take place after Yearn’s version 2 would launch leading to the integration of Pickle Jars with Yearn’s v2 Vaults. The two will equally benefit from the integration. The merger will be an opportunity for to expand its technical shortcomings and boost rewards. Whereas for Pickle, the merger is vital for recovering losses from the recent cyber attack it faced.

The merger would release two new tokens DILL and CORNICHON in the market. The two will play different roles. While DILL is used for rewarding, CORNICHON will help to track Evil Jar losses for affected DAI depositors. Pickle Governance participants get voting power by locking Pickle for set maturity dates and receive DILL. Whereas CORNICHON would be used to recover losses from the latest Evil Jar exploit. Recently Pickle Finance protocol was attacked online resulting in losses of funds. Attackers took away the funds from the real cDAI jar, and transported it into his ‘evil jar’, completely draining $20 million worth DAI in the newly formed jar. The PICKLE coin suffered from a 50% drawdown within a few hours after the attack. The developers have already announced that recovering funds is not happening anytime soon. Funds recovered by CORNICHON would be distributed to the victims. Holders can lock $PICKLE for a set period to earn upto 2.5 times DILL rewards.

The merger between the two would give a boost to the Finance vaults. Pickle tokens will be given as a reward through staking Yearn vault tokens in Pickle gauge. DILL holders could participate in Pickle governance and increase rewards gained from Yearn Vault gauges. DILL will also grant users boosted PICKLE rewards when participating in the Jars.

In return, would get Pickle devs as strategists. While the integration would bring several changes in the ecosystem, it will not affect the rewarding system for the strategist. Pickle devs will continue to earn 10% performance fee under the new Yearn fee structure. is an open-source protocol that facilitates swapping crypto holdings between prominent yield farming platforms such as Compound, Aave and dYdX. It supports stablecoins USDC, DAI, USDT, TUSD and sUSD. The platform allows switching your holdings between reputable yield farming platforms such as Compound, Aave, and Dydx

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