Ethereum Bulletin #19

Sepolia.Dev, Some ways to use ZK-SNARKs for privacy, Maker Governance voted to add rETH, Circle announced the launch of Euro Coin on Ethereum, MetaMask Wallet Vulnerability Alert!, zk-Rollup Coming Soon on Polygon!!, A new Merge Readiness Checklist Released

Ethereum Bulletin #19

A new Merge Readiness Checklist Released by

Readers can find all the action items, merge-related resources, and information in the new list to make sure that, they are ready.

Sepolia.Dev: A Ultimate Resource for Everything on Sepolia

If someone wishes to use Sepolia Testnet. Then, Sepolia.Dev is the website a person should go to. It contains all the resources a person needs to get started with Sepolia, which includes Sepolia Faucet, Sepolia Block Explorer, and Add to MetaMask Button.

Some ways to use ZK-SNARKs for privacy

Vitalik Buterin has explain some ways of how ZK-SNARKs can be used to preserve privacy in his latest post on his website, which includes some of the non-obvious tricks like how to prevent double-spending, and limitation of ZK-Snarks.

Maker Governance voted to add rETH as a new collateral type

Maker Governance has voted to add rETH as a new collateral type in the Maker Protocol.
Here are the voting results:

  • 40,858 MKR voted YES (winning option)
  • 22,163 MKR voted NO.
  • 0.22 MKR voted ABSTAIN.
    The next and final step of this Collateral Onboarding Application will be the Executive Vote. This final on-chain voting cycle will enact the addition of rETH as new collateral in the Maker Protocol.

Circle announced the launch of Euro Coin on on Ethereum mainnet

Euro Coin is designed with the same full-reserve model as USDC, which means it’s redeemable 1:1 for Euros. The initial launch is set for June 30th on Ethereum. Here is the official statment by Circle Team.

MetaMask Wallet Vulnerability Alert!

Researchers at Halborn Security have disclosed a wallet vulnerability that affects a small segment of users across many browser-based wallets, including MetaMask. A vast majority of users are not at high risk of being compromised due to this, and but MetaMask Team has implemented mitigations for these issues, so these should not be problems for users who are on the MetaMask Extension versions 10.11.3 and later. The issue was that a Secret Recovery Phrase could be discovered within a device’s storage under certain circumstances:

  1. Your hard drive was unencrypted
  2. You imported an SRP into MetaMask (v10.11.2 or older) on a computer that’s compromised or in possession of someone you do not trust
  3. You used the “Show Secret Recovery Phrase” checkbox to view your SRP onscreen during the import process

Number of addresses holding 1+ ETH just hit an ATH of 1,506,893

Optimism L2 ETH deposits and withdrawals are now live on

zk-Rollup Coming Soon on Polygon!!

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