Ethereum Bulletin #36

AllCoreDev meeting updates #012, Mainnet merge shadow fork 9, Global eye on cryptocurrency, Teller has launched a buy now, pay later service for NFTs, Voyager Digital files for bankruptcy, StarkNet is preparing for a regenesis

Ethereum Bulletin #36


AllCoreDev meeting updates #012

The meeting notes are ready to consume, these are the following points it touches upon

  • Gray Glacier went live: block times are now back to ~13s 🕰
  • After Sepolia, Goerli will be the last testnet to merge
  • Kiln, Ropsten and Rinkeby are now deprecated, they will gradually be shut down after mainnet transitions to proof-of-stake
  • We've had tons of community calls, mainly focused on either The Merge or EIP-4844: client implementations, specs, demos, there's a ton to dive into

Mainnet merge shadow fork 9

Mainnet merge shadow fork 9 scheduled for July 14th at 2PM UTC.

The idea of a "modular blockchains"

Modular blockchains are formed by disaggregating the core components of a Layer 1 blockchain, we can make 100x improvements on individual layers, resulting in a more scalable, composable, and decentralized system. Alec elaborates about the same and how they are formed and their working in the thread below .

Global eye on cryptocurrency

President Joe Biden is being urged by a new US Treasury initiative to collaborate with international allies in order to regulate cryptocurrencies. In a memo addressed to the President, the Treasury suggested that the US keep working with the G-7 on cryptocurrencies to develop rules for policing digital payment infrastructures.

Teller has launched a buy now, pay later service for NFTs

For blue chip NFTs, Teller is a decentralised lending protocol built on Polygon that offers a function called "buy now, pay later." At launch, Ape Now, Pay Later will sponsor ten famous NFT projects. Buyers will be required to put down up to 50% of the cost of the NFT. In the event that all payments are made on schedule, NFTs will be released from an escrow wallet.

Voyager Digital files for bankruptcy following the collapse of Three Arrows

On Tuesday, nearly a week after Three Arrows Capital (3AC) missed a payment on a loan from the broker, Voyager Digital filed for bankruptcy. The company has $110 million in cash and crypto assets on hand, $1.3 billion in crypto assets on its platform, and $350 million in user accounts. Voyager is owed more than $650 million by 3AC. Voyager can reorganise its debts through the bankruptcy filing while continuing to operate.

StarkNet is preparing for a regenesis

StarkNet's No-Sweat State Reset - following implementations are being made-

  • A regenesis on Ethereum Mainnet
  • A state reset to ensure that there are no more than a minor inconvenience for users
  • This is the Final State Reset (FSR) as they are planning to have any future resets before StarkNet goes out of Alpha and into production.

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