Nethermind's 'Warp' enables Uniswap to be transpiled to StarkNet

Nethermind allows Ethereum-based projects like Uniswap that are written in Solidity can be transpiled to StarkNet

Nethermind's 'Warp' enables Uniswap to be transpiled to StarkNet

An Ethereum based development company, Nethermind has announced the deployment of Uniswap onto Ethereum layer-2 network StarkNet.The announcement was made by Jorik Schellekens on 8th October. In his blogpost, he announced that the company has been able to successfully transpile and compile Uniswap v3 on Warp which will ensure greater scalability. Nethermind’s Warp project is built primarily to facilitate the migration of Ethereum applications to StarkNet.

Nethermind’s Wrap

Nethermind describes Warp as a ‘Solidity to Cairo transpiler’. Warp actually helps Ethereum-based projects written in Solidity to shift on to Starknet and benefit from lower fees. Transpiling is a process of transforming the source code written in one language into another language that has a similar level of abstraction.

Jorik stressed that the Ethereum- based Warp project was visioned to enable its users to transpile Solidity codebases to Cairo and deploy on StarkNet. This means that Warp transpiles Solidity code to Cairo which is the programming language used to write code applications on StarkNet. Before this feature is introduced, a compiler is needed to make meaning of the code for it to function on the alternative Layer-2 protocol.

Warp basically transpiles and deploys every Solidity file in the Uniswap v3 repo with only minor modifications to the source. Some of the new changes include bumping the solidity version, replacing inline assembly, replacing low-level calls and indexed events.


StarkNet is a decentralised ZK-rollup. It operates as an L2 Ethereum scaling solution. In July 2021, Starware, the company behind Starknet, announced [] collaboration with Nethermind to help in building advanced features and infrastructure elements for the StarkNet.

Uniswap on StarkNet

The launch of Uniswap on Starknet is of significant importance specially for Ethereum users. It will ensure a better fee on transactions. Apart from it, StarkNet Uniswap users will see their transactions finalized faster than in the Layer-1- based version.

The company was dedicatedly working hard to achieve it. Jorik stated, “With the recent advances on StarkNet, namely contract creation from other contracts, Warp is finally in a position to go after one of Solidity’s most complex projects: Uniswap v3.”

Project Warp aims to provide the top Ethereum DApps and protocols available and accessible on the StarkNet network. It allows Ethereum users to swap tokens on a more scalable Starknet. Jorik further indicated that the team is working on bringing more features to Warp so as to bring more Ethereum-based projects to StarkNet. The Warp plugin is still technically under development.


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