EtherWorld Weekly: 7th May, 2023

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EtherWorld Weekly: 7th May, 2023


Ethereum News

All you need to know about Ethereum Dencun Upgrade
After the successful deploment of Shapella upgrade, Ethereum developers are preparing for the Dencun Upgrade, which is expected in late 2023. We have brought this resource list for you to follow expected changes with the upgrade.

Mitigating Ethereum Chain re-org scenario with Deneb Upgrade
With EIP-4844, blob transactions have their blobs discarded from the chain after a certain period. This makes it impossible to resurrect these transactions during a reorg, as the necessary blob data is no longer available. In this blog, we will see how Ethereum will mitigate this issue in the post-Deneb upgrades.

Preventing Slashed Validators from Becoming Block Proposers
After reviewing the PR to remove fork-choice weight of slashed validators, Mikhail Kalinin discovered an issue with the get_beacon_block_proposer function. This creates a contradiction that needs to be addressed to prevent slashed validators from becoming a proposer. Let's take a look at the proposal to prevent slashed validators from becoming proposers.

Coinbase launched Coinbase International Exchange
Coinbase looks to expand its global footprint amid escalating tensions between the crypto sector and regulators in the United States.

Coinbase sues SEC
Coinbase has sued the SEC, expecting to prompt the securities to provide regulatory clarity for the crypto industry.

World News

Highlights of Ethereum Devs Call

  • Ethereum core developers discussed potential inclusion of EIP-4788 and EIP-6987 in the upcoming Dencun upgrade, with both EIPs likely to be added to specs for testing.
  • Developers debated the SSZ serialization in EIP-4844 and its implications on future compatibility with Ethereum, noting that the current "flat hash" SSZ type may not be optimal.
  • Deneb Devnet #5 testing revealed errors and bugs in clients, with Erigon (EL) crashing and Nethermind (EL) unable to propose blocks. Developers will investigate the issues further.
  • A PR for a standard query parameter enabling MEV-Boost functionality across all clients was discussed, with concerns raised about balancing MEV-Boost support and working on replacing it with an in-protocol solution.
  • Developers briefly mentioned PR #3105 and an upcoming PRs related to validator attestations for security reasons, with more details and testing to follow in the coming weeks.

Watch Here

Tech Articles

Expected Changes on Beacon Chain with Shapella Upgrade
Expected Changes: Networking, Validators' Responsibilities, Fork Choice, Independent State & Block Historical Accumulators Conclusion

Exploring EVMMAX Proposals & BLS12-381
EVMMAX: EIP-5483, EIP-6601, EIP-5483 vs EIP-6601, EIP-6690 BLS12-381 Curve: EIP-2537, Operations, Applications

Highly Available Ethereum Nodes using N-Version Design
A research report by a team of KTH Royal Institute of Technology.

Why Ethereum Clients prefer SSZ over RLP?
After The Merge, Ethereum uses two serialization formats for its two underlined layers. Execution clients use RLP, whereas Consensus clients use SSZ for data storage and transmitting.

Transient Storage for Beginners
EIP-1153: Need, Effects, Pros & Cons, Future Plans


Ethereum's Monetary Policy is Leveling Up... AGAIN
Ethereum is getting yet another economic upgrade! The scarcity engine is getting a massive level up with the advent of the MEV Burn. With Justin Drake and Domothy, they walk us through the research and reasoning behind this next upgrade!

Axelar's General Message Passing Launch with Sergey Gorbunov, Zaki Manian, & Steven Goldfeder
We’re entering a new multi-chain and secure cross-bridge world very soon. With Axelar's General Message Passing launch, a new era for interoperability has been unlocked.

Coinbase's Legal Action Against the SEC: How It Will Likely Unfold - Ep. 486
Major crypto exchange Coinbase has decided to take action to get an answer from the Securities and Exchange Commission: this week, they filed a court action seeking to compel Gary Gensler’s agency to give specific rulemaking on crypto assets. J.W. Verret, associate professor of law at George Mason Law School, talks about how both parties are playing this game, how it could change the Howey test, and much more.

Gary Gensler vs. Crypto: What Will the SEC Attack Next? - Ep. 485
Two lawyers, Josh Klayman, head of digital assets at Linklaters, and Marc Boiron, chief legal officer at Polygon Labs, offer their takes on the SEC’s recent crypto crackdown. They share what they heard from SEC Chair Gary Gensler’s Congressional testimony, whether this crackdown was inevitable or sparked by FTX, and why a proposed change to the definition of an exchange could be an existential threat for DeFi in the U.S.

PEEPanEIP #106: ERC-4804: Web3 URL to EVM Call Message Translation with Qi Zhou
Currently, reading data from Web3 generally relies on a translation done by a Web2 proxy to Web3 blockchain. The translation is mostly done by the proxies such as dApp websites/node service provider/etherscan, which are out of the control of users. The standard here aims to provide a simple way for Web2 users to directly access the content of Web3, especially on-chain Web contents such as SVG/HTML. Moreover, this standard enables interoperability with other standards already compatible with URIs, like SVG/HTML.

Tech Explainers

ETH Withdrawals: Everything You Need to Know
Validators, Ethereum's Validator Lifecycle, Types of Withdrawals, EIP-4895, How to make your Validator ready for Withdrawal?, EIP-4736 & Shapella Mainnet

The Future of Ethereum Goerli Testnet
What is Goerli Testnet?, Why Developers like Goerli?, Goerl Shapella, Future of Goerli Testnet & Holesky Testnet

How to Become Validator for Ethereum Blockchain?
Staking, Setup Node, Roles & Responsibilities

Client Diversity
Execution Layer, Consensus Layer, Why there is a need for multiple clients?, Advantages & Risks

Reth: Ethereum Execution Layer Client Written in Rust
Why new client?, Goals, Reth Book, Launch Date & Akula

ELI5 Explainers

We have tried to explain common ethereum blockchain concepts in under 60 seconds.

  1. What is an Ethereum Account?
  2. Externally Owned Accounts (EOAs) Vs Contract Accounts
  3. What is an Ethereum Transaction?
  4. Ethereum Transaction Lifecycle
  5. What is Ethereum Validator?

Readers can follow more short videos here.

Client Updates




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