Ethereum Execution Clients' Diversity Improved, Nethermind nears 25%

Geth - 49%, Besu - 14% & Erigon - 13%

Ethereum Execution Clients' Diversity Improved, Nethermind nears 25%

The Ethereum network comprises two layers: the execution layer and the consensus layer. Each layer has multiple client implementations developed by different teams and written in various programming languages. This diverse range of client implementations ensures decentralization of the network and reduces dependency on a single software or team.

At the time of writing, the distribution of client implementations on the execution layer is as follows:

This distribution demonstrates a relatively healthy level of client diversity on the execution layer, with Geth being the dominant client, followed by Nethermind, Besu, and Erigon. The presence of multiple client implementations allows users to choose the one that best suits their needs and preferences.

Nethermind has made significant progress in terms of market share and adoption. According to Antonio Sabado, the Chief Growth Officer at Nethermind, the core engineering team has invested tremendous effort, resulting in a substantial increase in market share. In January 2022, Nethermind held a mere 1% market share. However, as of now, it has reached an impressive 25% market share of all synced nodes on the Ethereum mainnet. Readers can watch the video explainer on client diversity by the EW team below:

According to a report from Ethereum Cat Herders, Geth remains the most favored client for the execution layer. However, the report indicated that if users were to switch to a different client, Nethermind and Besu are the preferred choices as execution clients. Notably, Reth, a new Ethereum Execution Layer written in Rust, is also being considered as an alternative.

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Nethermind has gained popularity among users due to its simplicity, ease of use, and compatibility with Geth scripts and methods. It offers features such as auto-pruning, fast sync with improved efficiency, and reliable custom APIs for querying blockchain data. The Nethermind team's prompt response to bugs and issues, along with their active support, has further strengthened its position as a popular client.

This growth in network share is attributed to the support and feedback received from the Ethereum community. The Nethermind team's dedication and responsiveness to community needs have played a vital role in its increased adoption. Nethermind's improved stability and lower resource consumption have made it the preferred choice for many users.

We look forward to have even better distribution in near future which will be helpful for network stability.

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