Devnet 8 will be Dencun feature complete

Devnet 7 Launched with Max Blob Limit as 6

Devnet 8 will be Dencun feature complete

Dencun (Deneb on CL and Cancun on EL) specifications have been finalized with the addition of EIP-7044 and EIP-7045. Simultaneously, the testing of Dencun on Devnet 6 is successful. Now, Ethereum Core Developers have launched Devnet 7 as a reboot of Devnet 6 after successfully passing the hive test. The consensus among clients is to prioritize the stabilization of the current devnet within the scope of EIP-4844 before introducing new features.

Devnet 8 is expected to include an update to the precompile address, which was initially planned for Devnet 7. Additionally, it will incorporate features that do not depend on the Execution Layer (EL).

It is worth noting that while JSON RPC support for Devnet 7 was initially discussed, it is now more likely to be implemented in Devnet 8. This is to ensure that the APIs work effectively for users of blobs, such as Layer 2 solutions submitting blobs.

Devnet #7 is not intended to test any other approved EIPs for the upcoming Cancun/Deneb upgrade. Its main objective is to evaluate the performance and potential impact of EIP 4844. As a result, the assessment is highly focused and will not be affected by any changes or adjustments that may have been implemented in other approved EIPs.

Some of the potential changes in Devnet 7 include:

Execution Layer:

  • PR-7037: This PR involves sending the current slot from CL (Consensus Layer) to avoid timestamp conversions.

Engine API:

  • PR-420: This PR provides the Engine API specification for Dencun.
  • PR-418: This PR ensures that the EL (Execution Layer) client checks the parameters and fields in newPayloadV3 for null values. If any null values are found, it responds with an error. It also includes a validation for the timestamp being greater than or equal to the activation of EIP-4844. This protects against bugs where CL attempts to send an old payload structure and EL accepts it.
  • PR-398: This PR aims to add dataGasUsed and dataGasPrice to receipts for 4844 transactions.

The Engine API facilitates communication between Consensus Layer and Execution Layer, and it is undergoing changes with the activation of EIP-4844. The engine_exchangeTransitionConfiguration method, previously used for merge-related information exchange, is being removed following the completion of the merge process.

Beacon API:

  • PR-317: This PR proposes adding the broadcast_validation field to block publishing. It allows for control over when a block is broadcasted and can be used to protect against equivocation attacks.

For readers unfamiliar with the Beacon API, we highly recommend following this guide provided by the EW team.

The introduction of Devnet #7 is unique because it includes an increase in blob capacity. The target blob limit has been raised to 3 from 2, and the maximum blob limit has been adjusted to 6 from 4.

Should you be interested in following Dencun upgrade closely, checkout our curated resource list.

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