Exploring the Potential of Lens Protocol V2: Future of Social Networks

Lens Protocol updated to Lens Protocol V2 that represents the next stage in Lens's evolution.

Exploring the Potential of Lens Protocol V2: Future of Social Networks

The vision of Lens Protocol V2 is to establish an open and decentralized social network. It equips applications and partners with exceptional flexibility to curate the user and customer data they need.

Lens Protocol V2 represents the next stage in Lens's evolution. V2 offers more control to developers, enhancing the web3 search experience. Since Lens's inception in 2022, several social media apps, including Lenster, Orb, and Buttrfly, have been developed on its platform. These applications were all developed by dedicated community members, creating new knowledge and financial opportunities.

Lens Protocol V1 was intentionally released without a user interface. It furnished the developer community with the necessary tools and open-source capabilities to cater to any customer request. The primary objective of Lens is to encourage creativity and collaboration within its ecosystem. With the recent introduction of Momoka, a data scalability solution for decentralized content storage, Lens has become more adaptable for widespread usage. Momoka empowers Lens to transcend the constraints of the blockchain, enabling content storage without compromising ownership, control, and mobility.

Lens also proposes Lens Improvement Recommendations (LIPs), a method to enhance governance. The future of Lens relies on community vision, creativity, and collaboration. The entire codebase for Lens V2 has been rewritten, refactored, and optimized to augment readability, open-source integration, and development.

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Lens Protocol V2 nurtures a community to assist in guiding publishing. This feature will promote engagement and present a simple template to employ these features throughout the process.

Lens Protocol V2 enables users to block actions on their profiles. On-chain profile blocking prevents the blocked profile from following the blocker, commenting, mirroring, quoting, writing, or interacting with your content publicly. This feature helps maintain trust and security among Lens users by adhering to appropriate chain blocking procedures.

V2 also introduces new compliance standards. The "follow" relationship in V2 has transitioned from a connection between profiles and wallets to a relationship solely between profiles. This change ensures that all social behavior is associated with the profile. NFT tokenization is now optional. All "follow" relationships are linked to the profile, not the followers. If you migrate your profile from one platform to another, your social network moves along with it.

This update simplifies the integration of web3 functionality into any application, whether web3 native or user-friendly. With Lens V2, any application can leverage the potential of web3 compatibility.

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