Dencun Update, Meta EIPs, and Prague/Electra Network Upgrade Plans - ACDE call 176 Summarized

ACDE#176, Ethereum developers discussed the Dencun upgrade, addressing testnet timelines and uncovering bugs in Reth and Lighthouse clients during testing. The DevOps team emphasized MEV workflow testing and planned mid-January activation on Ethereum Goerli test network

Dencun Update, Meta EIPs, and Prague/Electra Network Upgrade Plans - ACDE call 176 Summarized

Ethereum developers gathered for the All Core Developers Execution (ACDE) Call #176, chaired by Tim Beiko, where state of Dencun, progress on testnets, and planning for the forthcoming network upgrade were discussed.

TL;DR: Ethereum ACDE#176 Meeting Highlights

  • Dencun upgrade discussed with a focus on current status and testnet timelines.
  • Testing for Cancun/Deneb upgrade on Devnet #12 underway, revealing bugs in Reth and Lighthouse clients.
  • DevOps team prioritizing MEV workflow testing and planning activation on Ethereum Goerli test network post-holidays.
  • Proposal introduced for a builder override flag to combat censorship in the mempool.
  • Meta EIPs introduced for Dencun to streamline the upgrade process and consolidate specifications.
  • Planning initiated for the Prague/Electra network upgrade, including discussions on Verkle Trees.
  • Community input encouraged for proposal reviews, with client teams gearing up for discussions in January.
  • ACDE#176 meeting concludes with the last meeting of 2023 scheduled for December 21.

Dencun Development and Testnet Timelines

The meeting started with an overview of the ongoing Dencun upgrade, providing insights into its current status and the timelines for testnet releases. Developers shared that testing for the Cancun/Deneb upgrade was actively progressing on Devnet #12. During these tests, bugs were discovered in Reth and Lighthouse clients. The DevOps team's focus on the MEV workflow and plans for coordinating the activation date on the Ethereum Goerli test network.

Builder Override Flag

Terence addressed a censorship issue in the mempool. The proposal, suggested allowing Execution Layer (EL) clients to override local builders when censorship is detected. The discussion then got into the specifics of the API, enabling EL clients to employ custom heuristics for triggering the override. Developers explored potential implementations, revealing that Geth had an open pull request on the matter, sparking further discussions on the R&D Discord.

Meta EIPs

Tim Beiko introduced process updates, unveiling a Meta EIP for Dencun (EIP-7569) and a draft for a "Meta EIP backfill." The Meta EIPs serve as consolidated documents linking to specifications for upgrades, addressing challenges where upgrade specifications were spread across different repositories.

Prague/Electra Network Upgrade

Prague/Electra network upgrade, marked by a discussion thread on the Ethereum Magicians site. Tim Beiko proposed EIP-6110, advocating for the supply of validator deposits on-chain and the deprecation of the Eth1 bridge. Deliberations included considerations for coupling or decoupling the Execution Layer (EL) and Consensus Layer (CL) upgrades, setting the stage for discussions on specific EIPs for inclusion. Notable topics for the next upgrade, including Verkle Trees on the EL and DAS on the CL, were seen as subjects for deep dives.

Future Steps

Tim Beiko urged the devs to signal their preferences on the Ethereum Magicians thread and the CL Github issue. Client teams were mobilized to review proposals, with in-depth discussions scheduled to commence in January. The meeting concluded with a reminder of the last ACDE meeting of 2023 scheduled for December 21.

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