Opera Crypto Browser adds MetaMask ahead of Ethereum Merge

Opera Crypto Browser adds MetaMask ahead of Ethereum Merge

Opera Crypto browser has announced integration of third party wallets such as MetaMask into its browser ahead of the Ethereum Merge. Opera Crypto browser is a Web3 focused browser that has come out with its updated version with wallet selector, domain handles and more. It should be considered as an important update at a time when the Ethereum network is going through a transition from Proof-of-Work consensus to Proof-of-Stake model which is expected to happen this week. MetaMask is one of the leading crypto wallets that enables users to store Ether and other ECR-20 tokens.

The announcement was made by the Opera Crypto via social media. It has tweeted out the information stating that Opera Crypto Browser ‘unveils the industry’s first Wallet Selector,’ and informed that it has added MetaMask and TrustWalllet for ‘next level Web3 browsing.’

Opera crypto browser provides secure and private Web3 experience to its users. It makes actual Web3 transactions simpler. A user needs to purchase some Ether (ETH) and store it in the Opera Crypto Wallet . Once the currency is stored, it allows a user to access a selection of Web 3 apps in the dApp (Decentralised application) store. This was seen as a significant move towards bringing cryptocurrency and Web3 to mainstream.

Susie Batt, Crypto Ecosystem Lead at Opera said that the upcoming Merge is the most important technological update in the history of crypto and expressed anticipation for the Ethereum ‘s shift from PoW to PoS mechanism.

“Opera is the only browser truly ready for this shift and the only one offering web users all the tools they need to give Web3 a try in a safe environment," said Susie Batt.

Other updates

According to the company, the browser is also shipping the innovative ‘Wallet Selector’ which makes it easier for the user to interact with dApps. The Wallet Selector is available in the desktop version of the Opera Crypto Browser and currently supports standard EVM web3 interface-based wallets (EIP-1193). A user can now choose between their wallets directly in the browser address bar, without needing to go into settings or having to deal with competing extensions.

Tomasz Stawarz, Engineering Director at Opera, said that they have incorporated Wallet Selector as their users have been demanding it for a long time. “ It saves a lot of pain as they no longer have to constantly go into settings or to navigate between competing wallet extensions," said Tomasz Stawarz

Apart from the major changes the browser partners with DappRadar for better dApps access.The overall aim of the Opera is to bring as many crypto users as possible. Currently, the mobile version of the Opera Crypto Browser supports Bitcoin, Ethereum, Polygon, FIO, Celo, BNB Chain and Nervos blockchains and their respective tokens. Users of the desktop version can enjoy native integrations of Bitcoin, Ethereum, BNB Chain and Polygon.

The Opera Crypto Browser has also announced to partner with DappRadar to provide its users with access to more than 11,000 dApps.

The upgrade also revamped the Crypto Corner feature and a new ‘Hot Tweets’ section is included to showcase the latest trending tweets around crypto. Additionally, the popular BNB Chain Decentralized Finance (DeFi) app, PancakeSwap, has been integrated with the Crypto Browser. It will be available in its native crypto wallet. The user can enjoy to trade tokens directly from within the wallet without the need to connect to an external dApp first.

On the security front, Opera crypto browser has introduced a phishing detection feature as well as secure clipboard feature. This feature will prevent users from entering blacklisted sites by blocking those sites.

The new updated features of the browser added support for human readable wallet handles for YAT, FIO and Ethereum Name Service (ENS). The feature eases the process of cryptocurrency transactions using simple-to-memorose domain and wallet addresses that will consist of words and emojis as well as handshake domain resolution.


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